Comfort and convenience influence nearly every decision we make, including our bathroom habits.

Things You May Not Know About Flushable Wipes

The decision to use wipes vs toilet paper is influenced by both comfort and convenience. Toilet paper is more convenient because it is, well, ubiquitous! However, for the sake of convenience, many Americans are opting for a more sanitary bathroom experience with wet wipes, as some surveys show that wet wipes are becoming more popular, particularly among millennials.

What Are Flushable Wipes?

Flushable wipes are not the same as baby wipes. The baby wipes are more powerful. Baby wipes come with explicit instructions not to flush them. Because of their extra-strong nature for cleaning up during diaper changes, these are also unbreakable in the plumbing system.

Flushable wipes claim to be safe for all plumbing systems, including septic tanks. However, these wipes do not dissolve sufficiently to prevent clogs. Even if they pass through your home’s plumbing system, they can still cause problems in sewers or wastewater treatment facilities.

Are Wet Wipes Really Flushable? The short answer is: Not All Of Them

  • Wipes may flush down the toilet, but they can cause clogs or damage in your home, city sewers, or water treatment facilities.
  • While toilet paper is designed to degrade when flushed, wipes do not have the same material properties.
  • Cities around the world have spent millions of dollars and even filed lawsuits to address wipe-related issues. That means your tax dollars could be directly related to wet wipe flushing.
  • There are alternatives, such as toilet paper spray, that provide the convenience of a wipe without clogging the pipes.

Can Flushable Wipes Be Used?

You can, of course, use these wet wipes. However, do not flush them down the toilet. Keep a covered trash can nearby to properly dispose of them. No wipes, even if labeled as flushable, should be flushed.

What Happens If Wet Wipes Clog Your Toilet?

It’s easy to forget to discard wipes instead of flushing them. You may also have children who flush the wipes. Because these scenarios are possible, you should ideally avoid having wipes in your home if you can live without them. Otherwise, you may need to contact our plumbers on a regular basis to keep your toilet running.

If you have a problem with a clogged toilet or waste line, try plunging it first. Never flush drain cleaners down the toilet. You risk damaging the fixture. Instead, pick up the phone and call Top Tier Plumbing and Rooter at (951) 475-6521 at any time. We provide a variety of plumbing services, such as drain cleaning and toilet repair.