Main Drain Repair

Main Drain Repair & Replacement

Your main drain and sewer line are central to your home’s plumbing. If this main drain is clogged or malfunctioning, your home could be flooded, which is a significant repair. When your home’s wastewater has nowhere to travel, raw sewage will back up into your home.  Pay attention to the following signs of a clogged main drain:

  • A strong sewage odor
  • Water backs up into sinks and bathtubs when a toilet is flushed
  • Water backs up into sinks and bathtubs when using the washing machine
  • All drains are slow

Top Tier Plumbing and Rooter is Your Best Choice for Main Drain Repairs

We are available to address your main drain problems 24/7 as a backup of sewage is an emergency. If you find your drains and toilets are slowly draining, call us for an estimate of the repair and avoid damage to your home. Our team of professionals is available to you to repair your central sewer system to prevent further damage from occurring to your home’s structure.

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