Maintain a Plumbing Maintenance Schedule to Prevent Unexpected BreakdownsEven though you can’t see most of your plumbing system, you should still keep it in good working order to avoid calling a plumber in an emergency. A plumbing maintenance schedule involves inspecting and updating your fixtures as needed to ensure they function properly and don’t have any problems that could lead to unexpected failure. Learn more about your plumbing maintenance schedule, what it entails, and how a plumber can help.

What Is a Schedule for Plumbing Maintenance?

Maintaining a plumbing maintenance schedule allows you to identify issues before they affect your water supply or drainage. While you can complete some tasks on your own, others must be left to a plumber. You can save money by being aware of what you can do on your own. However, when you know when to delegate the task to a professional, you can avoid making a poor choice that could result in costly plumbing-related damages.

Tasks You Can Perform From the Plumbing Maintenance Schedule

You can perform some tasks from a plumbing maintenance schedule on your own. In most cases, you can check for leaks or clogged faucets or drains visually. For instance, you should monthly check the ice maker and water lines in your refrigerator for obvious leaks. A quick check for dripping water under your refrigerator might save your floor from serious water damage brought on by prolonged exposure to moisture.

Maintenance Tasks For Your Plumber

While inspecting your fixtures for signs of developing problems is risk-free, you should avoid inspecting your water heater. A plumber can inspect your water heater to ensure that it works properly, including the safety valve, pressure, and temperature. If you attempt to perform these tasks incorrectly, the hot water could injure you or damage the water heater.

Another annual task for a plumber is to snake out your home’s main drain line. Removing small clogs that could grow into waste-stopping plugs, this process prevents backups from occurring. Plumbers can clean your drains more thoroughly once a year by using water-jetting or professional-grade snakes.

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