How To Fix A Broken Toilet Handle In San Bernardino, CABefore we give you easy-to-follow instructions on how to fix a broken toilet handle in San Bernardino and Riverside, CA, let’s start by learning how your toilet flushes and why it’s common for your toilet’s handle to break.

Your toilet flushes when you pull up the flapper at the tank’s base with the flush handle or lever. These handles are frequently used. They may break or become loose over time and need to be replaced. The good news is that most homeowners can complete a DIY plumbing project like replacing a broken toilet handle on their own.

Here are some simple steps to replace the damaged flush handle on your toilet:

Purchase a new toilet handle.

A new toilet handle is readily available at almost any department or home improvement store. Additionally, you can buy one online. Before making a purchase, note the handle’s mounting position and orientation.

Take the lid off the toilet tank.

You are now prepared to begin once you have your new toilet handle. You only need a crescent wrench as a tool.

The toilet tank lid should be removed and set aside. Reach inside the tank to disconnect the lift handle from the chain or rod that holds it to the flush valve.

Take out the damaged toilet handle.

The handle’s mounting nut can be removed using your crescent wrench. To loosen the wrench, you should turn it opposite from how you normally would. Because most toilets have left-handed threads, which turn in the opposite direction of a typical nut, this is the case. The old handle ought to just come out after you remove the nut.

Set up your new toilet handle.

The new handle’s nut should be removed. Place the new handle on the tank, secure it with the nut, and tighten it down. Put the flapper chain back on.

Do a test flush

To ensure the new handle works properly, you might need to adjust the flapper chain’s length.

Pro tip from the expert plumbers at Top Tier Plumbing and Rooter

You can still flush your toilet if the flush lever breaks. Remove the tank’s lid, then pull up on the chain that is attached to the flapper (also known as a flush valve) at the tank’s base.

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