The Advantages of Using the Fit3D Pro Scanner to Track the Progress of Your Fitness RoutinePeople work out for a lot of different reasons. They work out to gain muscle mass, lose weight, achieve a desired body shape, build stamina, or recover from an injury. Achieving success takes time and effort; having the tools to accurately measure your progress plays a big part in the success of any fitness program.

Tracking Your Progress Is Important to Achieving Your Goals

Tracking your progress is important for many reasons. It keeps you motivated and focused on achieving your goals. It helps you identify what’s working and what’s not working in your fitness routine. This allows you to adjust your workout to get the maximum benefits.

There are many different ways to track your progress. You can keep a fitness journal, download a fitness tracking app, take physical measurements, etc. One of the newest and most effective ways to track your progress is through the use of advanced body scanning technology like the Fit3D Pro Scanner.

Advantages of the Fit3D Pro Scanner

In the old days, scales, measuring tapes, and calipers were used to track a person’s physical progress. Today, 3D body scanning technology is being used to track these changes. One of the most popular is the Fit3D Pro Scanner.

The Fit3D Pro Scanner is a contactless body scanner that works by using a “non-invasive, near-infrared camera” with a standard image sensor. It creates a 3D avatar of the subject, allowing them to view their body from any angle. The scanning process only takes between 1 – 3 minutes to complete.

Among other things, the Fit3D Pro Scanner measures and tracks changes in body fat, muscle mass, posture, and balance with a high degree of accuracy. It’s capable of recording hundreds of measurements, including:

  • Circumference
  • Length
  • Width
  • Surface area
  • Height
  • Volume

Some of the advantages of using the Fit3D Pro Scanner include:

  • Quicker measurement results and feedback
  • Reduced measurement errors
  • Contactless and non-invasive
  • Better recognizing areas that need special attention
  • Results are stored and accessible at any time

Users can download the Fit3D app to track their progress from any Internet-connected device.

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