Start The New Year Off Right With Water-Saving Plumbing Upgrades.

If your New Year’s resolution is to be a better steward of your resources, you should schedule a plumbing evaluation of your home now to upgrade to greener appliances before the new year begins.

How Much Water Can Plumbing Improvements Save?

Plumbing upgrades to more environmentally friendly fixtures and appliances can save water and energy. But how much is it? Is it worthwhile to upgrade?

For starters, saving energy and water will lower your utility bills. As a result, you can recoup some of the cost of the upgrades simply through monthly savings.

Following that, switching to more energy-efficient appliances can help reduce reliance on freshwater supplies. Only 1% of the world’s water is suitable for human consumption. However, people use this potable water for all plumbing fixtures, from baths and showers to toilet flushing. Reduced reliance on that small one percent of global water supplies is achieved by reducing the amount of water used by each household.

When you switch to water-efficient plumbing fixtures, you have an impact on the 300 total gallons of water that your family uses every day, with 70% of that water consumption occurring inside. Toilets and showers account for approximately 44% of total water consumption, with the remaining 12% coming from unseen leaks. Plumbing upgrades will undoubtedly improve the value of your home.

Greener Plumbing Improvements to Save Water

Upgrade your plumbing fixtures to make your home more environmentally friendly and water-efficient. New faucets, toilets, showers, and tubs use less water than previous models. For example, efficient shower heads can cut your water consumption by 36%, and new models of highly efficient toilets can cut your water consumption by 20%. Speak with one of our plumbers about the most cost-effective upgrades for your home.

Water Conservation Plumbing Repairs

As previously stated, leaks waste 12% of the water used by the average home. If your home’s plumbing system has a significant number of leaks, have it evaluated and consider repiping. This will reduce your water consumption and bills.

Contact Plumbing Concepts If You Need Assistance With Green Plumbing Upgrades Or Repairs.

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