Septic Tank Cleaning

Top Tier Plumbing and Rooter Will Keep Your Septic Tank Spic-and-Span

Every time you flush a toilet, take a shower or wash dishes, that dirty water travels to your septic tank. The drain carries the water to the drain field, but the solid wastes accumulate in your septic tank. As the accumulated waste breaks down, it becomes a slimy sludge that remains in your tank until pumped. Having your septic tank professionally cleaned removes the buildup of debris and prevents the accumulation of slime from damaging components of the septic system. We recommend you have your septic tank cleaned every three to five years to maintain optimal function.

The Septic Tank Cleaning Process

After your septic tank has been pumped of waste, Top Tier Plumbing and Rooter will clean your tank of residue with a hydro jet power washer.  This clears the tank of any residue that remains from oils and grease, which will prevent your system from becoming clogged in the future. When we pump your septic tank, we can evaluate if your system is ready for a thorough cleaning.

Signs Your Septic Tank is Due for a Cleaning

If you have flushed baby wipes or other materials down the toilet, you may clog and back up your septic system. This is an excellent opportunity to clean your entire system to maintain your septic system. The following indicates your system is due to be cleaned:

  • A strong smell of sewage
  • Slowly draining sinks and showers
  • Slowly flushing toilets
  • A backup of water

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